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Erik Peddle-founder

We started this organization because of what God has done  to rescue me from a past in addiction, suicide attempts and the shame of sexual trauma.  We chose the medium of sports to amplify the social impact of our work and  provide a meaningful way to heal and help others in their journey toward freedom.     


There are at least 40 million people who are enslaved to forced labor or sexual exploitation across the world.  Atlanta, GA is leading the nation in this injustice.  Minors are exploited for sex in motels just miles from our home in Marietta where the buyers come from every socio-economic status.  Children are sold into slavery by their parents in Cambodia, Japan and other countries.  Millions of children and adults work in slave labor camps across the world producing materials that go into American goods, like our clothing and electronics.  Even more people suffer from domestic violence, abuse, drug addiction, homelessness and many other issues that feed the $150 billion a year human trafficking industry.      

BUT, freedom is here in our hands and we are doing something NOW to bring justice to all!  We all have the power to do something now to spread freedom in the lives of those who are enslaved.  We all have the power to choose to love others and seek the good of our cities.  We can all dream big and believe sacrificing ourselves for freedom is better than turning a blind eye and doing nothing.   

As a member of Freedom Now Movement you can buy sporting gear through us and know the profits help end slavery.  You can raise awareness and create a movement of freedom at your school, workplace or neighborhood.   As a Freedom Now Athlete you can turn your next competition into a fundraiser for this worthy cause.   Raise your voice with us!  Join the team today!

Freedom always requires sacrifice, what will you do?

Please  join our team today.  All athletes and advocates, partners and sponsors are welcome.  Any sport, any age, any where!



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