1. FNM Vision Summary

  2. Board Member Agreement/Expectations

  3. VTO Highlight for current meeting

  4. VTO - 3 year

  5. 2050 Vision Expanded:  United for freedom

  6. Growth Strategy

  7. P&L

  8. Vetting Coalition Partners

  9. Coalition Strategy

  10. FNM Athlete Manifesto

  11. Stats and perspectives

  12. Athletes Pay and Road to 40 Million

  13. Meeting Minutes Log

SECTION 1. FNM Vision, Mission, Values



the 40 million enslaved, thriving in freedom by 2050



Mobilize one team to end slavery



Prayer, Passion, Generosity


Brand Script



SECTION 2. Board member agreement/expectations:


  • Pray regularly for FNM

  • Constructively participate in 90 min Skype or in person conference meeting 4 times a year, or talk with Erik on an individually basis.

  • Join team as athlete or sponsor

  • Determine how much to contribute financially and in recruiting members, partners & sponsors.

  • Serve on board for 18 month term.

  • Right to quit at any time if needed with reasonable cause.  

  • Acting President sets agenda and is responsible for all action item follow up.  

  • Vote on member recommended NPOs & initiatives.  Ultimate decision remains with acting President.





Vision Traction Organizer:   4/8 highlight



4.8.19 Meeting agenda: 90 minutes or less

  • Pray : Steve??

  • Review/refine Vision, Mission, Values and elevator pitch  : ???? Kidder???

  • Review Milestones: Erik

  • VTO- pick goals: Erik

  • Compile names and info: Scribe??







SECTION 5.  2050 Vision Expanded:  United for freedom

  1. Global Team: By 2050 to have 4 million athletes raising up $40 million in donations for vetted groups.   

  2. Global Partnership: To partner with 125-250 vetted groups (5-10 per major city) on the FNA platform.  

  3. Proclaim Freedom Events:  To have hosted 10 major events executed in the 5 most notorious cities for sex trafficking, culminating in 100,000 racers descending on Washington, DC in 2025.  Repeat these same protests every year in 10 global cities until laws are passed that better protect freedom for all.

  4. Advocacy: To provide a direct connection point for 10,000 survivors or at risk individuals to a specific FNA team who surrounded them with community, prayer and support throughout the year.  

  5. 2050.  The world celebrates the end of slavery.   



  • Goal of 100% donations passed through to vetted local charities.  All donations are divided equally

    • This model requires revenue stream such as: membership fees, ads, massive commitment from board to raising operating expense donations

  • FNM overhead account funded through merchandise, subscriptions and separate donations, partnerships


Anti-slavery Partnerships:

  • NPO must be recommend by a FNM member

  • If approved by board:

    • Finalize and sign expectations and agreements.  

    • Share FNA links on your organizations site & social media.  

    • Send out quarterly invite to join the team as an athlete or sponsor


Business Partnerships:

  • Apply for partnership: $200

    • Only businesses committed to sell ethically sourced goods will be approved

  • If approved:

    • Mutual expectations defined and signed

    • $500 month commitment or matching grants for racers

    • Share FNM links on your organizations site & social media.  

    • Send out quarterly invite to join the team as an athlete or sponsor

    • Sell FNM gear in stores





Members share their story of freedom on social media and commit to race once or a million times for one of our vetted coalitions (or for only one indIividual partners if the person is volunteering with one specific partner-???).


2019: (template for expansion to other cities)

  • Race as a team every other month at pre-selected running events in Atlanta and NY?

  • Create FB group for each race where runners and sponsors communicate

  • 1 week before race, runners share their stories and why they are running- calling for commitments from all their FB contacts

  • Race day: team video posted to everyone’s FB stories calling for commitments during the race

  • FNM collects donations after the race and divides funds accordingly



  • Each of the 6 races in 2019 gets a different shirt or just have one shirt for 2019 season?

  • Taylor each shirt to the coalition the runner choose, but costs would be high.  ?

  • For instance this shirt below would be produced for the runner who choose Coalition 1: “to end human trafficking GA”



2018 P&L:

Revenue:  $3500 (gear orders, donations to operations account)

Spent-  $8500 (legal, website, tent, meetings/meals, etc)

Time- 1000’s hours

Loss:  -$5000


2019 Major costs:

Salary: $70,000

Website: $15,000 ($6800 paid)

Marketing: $5,000-10,000  ($500 paid)




SECTION 8: Vetting Coalition Partners


Each coalition partner is strategically selected and must meet these requirements:

  • Must address the 5 primary categories of basic needs or direct their clients to them

    • Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social/Legal, Financial/Housing.   

  • Must have a holistic plan that addresses the people involved

  • Provide transparent financial statements

  • Provide real results of people being served and freed

  • Promote FNM each quarter in a newsletter, interview, social media, links on website



SECTION 9: Coalition Strategy


Athletes can select an entire coalition, or indivudal NPO:


Global Coalition:  IJM, End IT, Salvation Army,



Initiative 1:  Freedom from Slavery & Sex Trafficking in GA - Street Grace, Out of Darkness, The Table on Delk (Redeeming Men),  At risk youth program- TBD, political activism group - Jessica Lamb,

Initiative 2: Freedom from Addictions and Trauma-  No Longer Bound, “mental health/suicide” group, Trauma Counseling - Segue

Initiative 3: Freedom from Homelessness: TBD, TBD, TBD



Initiative 1:  Freedom from Slavery & Sex Trafficking in NY- Camp Shiloh, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

Initiative 2:  Freedom from Addictions and Trauma: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

Initiative 3:  Freedom from Homelessness:  TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD



Initiative 1:  Freedom from Slavery & Sex Trafficking in CA-  TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

Initiative 2:  Freedom from Addictions and Trauma: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

Initiative 3:  Freedom from Homelessness:  TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD


Growth Strategy:

2019: RUNNERS ONLY:  Runner choose one of our vetted coalitions to race for and commits to run at least one race “for them”.  Basic website platform with profiles, and store. Direct traffic to social media

2020: Runners, Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming.  Build full app. Direct traffic to app.

2021: Team sports

2022: Pro sports






Freedom Now Athletes live for freedom, not next year, not next month, not tomorrow or when we feel like it, no, no, no - we live for freedom NOW- today, this day- we stand united to be free and fight for the freedom of others.  

We make every mile count for freedom, we run, bike and swim for freedom. We climb mountains for freedom and tear down walls to help others be free.

We believe freedom is contagious and everyone wants to be heroically generous. So, we are hyper vigilant to only buy ethically sourced products, to give responsibly, to find ways to help others in every day, and to live holistically healthy lives.  We are serious about changing the world, freeing those who are enslaved, proclaiming freedom in everything we do! And we have fun doing it! We give lots of high fives, and train hard. We laugh at pain and get our kids and neighbors involved. This is who we are.  We are Freedom Now Athletes.


When you sign up to race with Freedom Now Movement, your DNA begins to change.  Your thoughts and actions are leveraged for your highest freedom. You begin to see the fabric of our world in a new way.  You get a new heroic perspective on life where nothing matters more than everyone living more free!


Adults, kids, pros and weekend warriors, amature and couch to 5K newbies- no matter who you, how fit or unfit you are, you can live for freedom now!  




SECTION 11: STATS and Perspectives


The problem: Freedom has been redefined as self-fulfilment.  40 million men, women and children are enslaved. Addiction, homelessness, generational poverty, domestic violence and unbelief contribute to human trafficking.   


Spiritual perspective: When sin dominates our culture, we create and sustain systems of injustice that define freedom through our self fulfillment and not through the gospel of Jesus Christ.          



  • 30-40 million men, women and children are enslaved in forced labor and/or for sexual exploitation.  CNN

  • In Georgia 300-400 underage girls are sold for sex every month.  

  • In 2017-  47,000 people committed suicide in the US. 7 out of 10 were white males.

  • LINK TO NEWS STORY- SEX TRAFFICKING IN GA  - 14 is avg. age of girls lured into trafficking.  


    • Porn sites receive more regular traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter combined each month. (HuffPost)


Slaves mine for many of the minerals in our electronics, building materials, diamonds and the materials that make up the clothes we wear.   Furthermore, the laws in America often undermine the freedom we all stand for while some of our legislators & community leaders are not prosecuted for sex or slavery crimes but rather continue to use and support industries that bolster slavery.   These injustices are not stand alone issues but are interwoven with other issues such as drug/alcohol addiction, homelessness, mental health snd politics.


Solution:  Redefine and inspire people to live for TRUE freedom!  A movement of athletes to unite the best NPOs in each state that are making a difference.   We must redefine what FREEDOM is, especially for the next generation. So we start by recruiting runners from families, high schools and colleges.  Inspire them to re-envision what freedom is. It is not cell phones, porn, ME-TOO generation crap. It’s ultimately Jesus, but we must meet them where they are- meet them at the heart and mind conviction of justice for all.  


How it works: FNM members launch social media campaigns to raise commitments from sponsors according to the miles raced.  Athletes and sponsors subscribe for $5-8 a month (or we determine another primary revenue stream), which allows them to join the team, create an interactive profile, sign up for races and invite sponsors to donate according to the miles they train and race.   Future app development will sync all of the necessary features, stories and training videos to streamline this user experience. In this app - Athletes can upload their training, racing or game day data each week, and sponsors receive updates to donate and get involved in other ways.   The athletes choose where their sponsors monies are donated. Each NPO can also have hidden web pages to direct their existing donor base to join the team and support 1 or more NPOs.








4.2.19 milestone:

FNM gained 501-C3 status only 40 days after applying!



3.23.19- Email to group.


Hello Everyone,


Just wanted to introduce you all to Steve Rechsteiner, new board member and founding member of FNM.  Steve and I have become partners in work and life over the past year and he has shown great interest in helping to grow FNM.  


BOARD MEETING : ON Marco Polo APP- I’ve sent you all an invite.  Its an easy way to video each other whenever you want. Maybe it will help us??  


3 points of agenda for this quarter (no skype board meeting) just kindly review these 3 items.  If you’d like to talk with me or help in any way jut let me know. I’m really spent, needing help if anyone wants to contribute.    


1.  Everyone, please take a look at your bio and picture on the new website (link below) and let me if you want any edits made to your bio.


2.  If you haven’t already- please sign up for the team on the new app.  Just go to the webpage and click “join the team”. Or click here:


3. I am praying and searching for 2 board members who can bring expertise about human trafficking prevention/ending demand. If you know anyone you would like to nominate, please let me know.   


FNM developments:

  • FNM gained a partnership with Road Runner Sports - with 40 + stores in the US, they are the largest.  They will be hosting some welcome nights and fundraisers for us in the coming months. Also- if one is close to you, shop there and mention FNM - you will get a discount and some of the profits will come back to FNM

  • Erik spoke at a house church and received $1200.  $1000 was given to Street Grace, which means 1000 online transactions for underage sex in GA were intercepted and prevented through our donation.

  • 5 new athletes have joined the team

  • The new app that cost $6500 is now live- it is not awesome, but it will work for now.  More developments and tweaks coming.

  • Finances:

    • Erik has invested ~$15,000 into FNM.

    • Revenue is ~ $5500.  

    • Net loss: $10,000

    • We have given over $18,000 to coalition partners since December 2018.  

    • Currently other athletes have raised: $700 in pledges in past 30 days on the new app

  • FNM has committed to 99% pass through of all funds raised by athletes to vetted coalition partners

  • FNM is seeking corporate partnerships with REI and TARGET.    

  • FNM is seeking coalition partnerships with Exodus Cry, Epik Project and others on west Coast.

  • Searching for grant writers for FNM operating expenses.


Finally, please make some time to pray for God to move mountains with FNM.


Thank you,



1/14/19 board meeting. NOTES:

  • Slim down the vision

  • Create a way to allow athletes to do the giving- to have the joy of giving

  • ”Endurance Athletic Community dedicated to ending human  trafficking“

  • Monthly run, build community- don’t worry about raising money first

  • Refine Elevator pitch

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