We are made for more! We are made to crave the freedom of health and success, positive vibes and endless beach vacations. We were made with an innate desire for more! Why is that? Well, there are a lot of opinions out there but we urge you to not just settle on someones opinion, don't settle with what we think but go find it for yourself!

This blog is about getting fit mentally, physically and spiritually so that your newfound freedom will spill over into others people's lives.

We believe any step in the direction of freedom is a good step and everyone is capable of attaining more life, goodness, joy and pleasure than they already have.

Don't know where to start to gain a this kind of life? Here are some ways to get started:

Get out of your comfort zone within one of the 3 categories of fitness, emotional or spiritual.

-Go for a run or walk without any electronic devices.

-Spend some time meditating on all the good things in your life

-Pray and thank God for as many things as possible


Running well:

Meditating well:



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