How to change the world- Admiral McRaven

1. Start each day with a task completed.(Making beds 4:43)

2. Find someone to help you through life. (Row together 6:14)

3. Respect everyone.(The Munchkins 7:28)

4. Know that life is not fair. ("Sugar Cookie" 8:38)

5. You will fail often. (The circus 10:04)

6. Take some risks. (New record, head first 11:30)

7. Face down the bullies. (Sharks 12:52)

8. Step up when the times are toughest. (The dark keel 14:02)

9. Lift up the downtrodden. (Song of hope 15:38)

10. Never ever give up. (Don't ring that bell 17:50)

Pick one of these each month and work on it. Ask someone to take the journey toward changing the world together.

Getting fit helps you live out these 10 milestones of changing the world. Without fitness your body and mind, your emotional state and spiritual state suffer. Set a realistic goal, then go crush it. Set another goal having created a new benchmark, and go crush it.


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