Informative but without hope

This article in NY Times is very informative on how PornHub and others fuel sexual crimes.

But you could read this as a man/woman and think, "Oh good I'll just stop using videos that involve sexual crime and I'm good, not hurting anyone. "

And that would be a lie.

Christ didn't die for what America calls a crime. He died to save us from our lust, greed, hate, vanity, selfishness, fear and the like. He literally died bearing the weight of our lustful hearts, and the degradation it causes in society.

If you use non-criminal, "legal" porn, you are lusting, which according to Jesus is the same as committing adultery. Sound crazy? Jesus sounds insane to those who do not know God as King of all. The few and the free Know Him as Lord over all. And there in that kind of relationship with God, you are set free from the lusts of the flesh.

Need help with your addiction to Porn.hub - read more here and give us a call. Prayer is the presence of God, and He changes everything.

Read the article here:

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