Where the Spirit of God is

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17.

Freedom is not getting what you want or having the power to get what you want. Freedom is to be before God without his judgement, his wrath, his holiness requiring your life.

This is only possible by faith in what Jesus has done for us, in his death on the cross and resurrection.

Freedom is therefore- knowing Christ Jesus,

Give it a try, test the validity of this extraordinary claim. What would happen if the next time you are pining for some illicit sinful pleasure, you stop and place yourself in the presence of God, and see, just wait and see if He will not satisfy you with His presence more than a million weaker pleasures.

Freedom is to stand unfazed by all your weak desires for lust, greed, hate and pride. Freedom is the power of God in your own life.

Consider the lyric from the song linked below.

"Death has no hold on me, because your grace holds me now"


Death is greatest enemy to a person made for eternity. Isn't it strange that we all feel we are all made to live forever? That's because it is absolutely true! We are made to live forever! Made to overcome not just the smaller trials and fears of this life, but to reign with Christ forever in a universe without sin, death or decay.

The glory that awaits God's children will overwhelm all.

Will you settle for false freedoms, or dive into the presence of God?

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